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I  heard CNN & rest of Obama media had a “100 days” orgy. Hangover time then.

So, let’s see where does this leave us on day 101?

We have a national health emergency, but no Secretary of Health, Surgeon General or staff

The White House had to issue its denials:

“I want to be very clear here: There is a team in place

This notion that somehow that if there is not currently a secretary, that there is not the function that needs to take place to prepare for either this or any other situation is just simply not the case.”

All righty then. This would make a nifty argument for dispensing with the job alltogether then.

As it is, Napolitano of DHS was handling the Secretary of health job.

That would be the same Napolitano who issues an apology to veterans for the “extremist groups” report

the secretary met personally with Rehbein and issued a mea culpa. The official said Napolitano told Rehbein that “the report was poorly written. It didn’t pass the standards of an internal review and therefore it shouldn’t have gone out the door.”

Oh, but how did it go out the door then?

When pressed about how such an oversight could have occurred, the senior DHS official said that because of the massive size of the department — more than 220,000 employees — “sometimes things slip through the cracks,” and that new internal processes have now been put in place to make sure such a mistake doesn’t happen again.

Oh, I am sure that now, that DHS is doing the job of other departments, there’ll be no more mistakes.

Surely, the economics geniuses though have things under control, right?

Well, not according to Larry Summers, director of the White House Economic Council

“I expect the economy will continue to decline,” with “sharp declines in employment for quite some time this year,” Summers said today on “Fox News Sunday.”

Well, thanks, Larry. other than that, heck of a job!

As for the torture made political football, here’s Jerry Nadler with some sobering assessments

Nadler also dismissed the notion that the Obama Administration — which at first seemed determined to move rapidly beyond alleged Bush Administration crimes — could have controlled the torture story.

“I don’t think it is controllable. I don’t think it was ever controllable. The law is what the law is,” he said. “You’ve got to follow where the facts lead. They may very well wind up with Dick Cheney. They may wind up with Rumsfeld.”

And he even raises himself above the CYA politics:

“If we do not investigate the torture that is clear that it occured, and if the evidence is there prosecute, not only are we disobeying the law, not only are we being immoral, but we are inviting torture of our people in the future,” he said. “I’ve heard all the discussion — ‘Could this hurt the administration? Could this hurt the Democrats?’ All that is secondary.”

Yeah. It’s called a principle. The administration that hasn’t identified yet something worth fighting for, should look it up.


I hear, the 100 days orgy is going on, with Union Square to be bestowed with this:

reminding me of a previous entry: why so intent on the thorns?


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