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Apparently, Obama is hip enough,that, like Shimmer,(as seen on SNL) can do it all:

New Shimmer is both a floor wax and a dessert topping!  Here, I’ll spray some on your mop.. [ sprays Shimmer onto mop ] ..and some on your butterscotch pudding. [ sprays Shimmer onto pudding ]

So, fret not you“more taste!” “less filling!” battling crowds, he’s got you all covered:

“Obama has this awareness that other presidents haven’t had. He’s white, and he’s black. He’s an elitist, and he’s regular folk. He’s not pinned down to a perspective.”

So waxes lyrical a 2 pages fluff piece in Politico that takes its obligatory dig to Bill Clinton too – for legitimacy sake:

Bill Clinton looked good in Ray-Bans and did a nice turn with the saxophone on “The Arsenio Hall Show,” but in his heart of hearts, Ol’ Bubba was a country boy from the Ozarks with a need-filled, wonky core — not hip.

So, not being pinned down to a perspective is da shizzle…I read this before – it was marketed as “generation Jones” by a political consultant

Generation Jones, as in the slang word ‘jonesing,’ or craving, and as in a generation that’s lost in the shuffle.

Jonesers are idealistic, Pontell says, but not ideological like boomers. “Boomers were flower children out changing the world. We Jonesers were wide-eyed, not tie-dyed.”

Yeay for the lack of ideology (or not being tied to one perspective)

It’s the kind of hipness that transforms torture from a crime to the subject of a debate

A U.S. Senate inquiry on the CIA’s treatment of terrorism suspects will probe the usefulness of intelligence gained through harsh interrogations

It accomplished the unsinkable task of giving Dick Cheney a wide – and strange – political platform

Cheney is making a lot of new allies with his call.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which filed the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that forced last week’s release of some but not all of the documents, is cheering Cheney on.

And now Obama kicks the torture  political ball back by releasing new torture photos (while still “looking only forward, not backwards, obviously)

Another benefit of “not being tied down to one perspective: Obama can be hip enough to privatize Social Security

to mess around with Social Security. So you have a majority on hand to recommend some kind of funny business, presumably a commission.

Hey, but kids, going back to the hipster handbook, – would you rather think torture is bad and Social security the right of those who paid for it, or risk being “square”(sic)?  Here’s the hipster handbook again:

The implication was that if you were not on board, you were not hip — you were square. (My note: Square?I could swear, this was a word right out of 50s sitcoms – but what do I know?) And who wants to be so uncool as to be on the wrong side of the hip president, other than a few vocal anti-cools, such as radio yakker Rush Limbaugh, House Minority Leader John A. Boehner and former Vice President Dick Cheney?

Funny that he mentioned Cheney….

New Shimmer – for the greatest shine you ever tasted…..
Wife: Made from an exclusive non-yellowing formula.

Husband: I haven’t even touched my pudding and I’m ready for more!

Wife: But what about black heel marks?

Spokesman: Dirt, grime, even black heel marks, wipe clean with a damp mop.

Not Your Sweetie