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Don’t pay attention to the lofty words (without justice) that Obama said about torture.

As soon as Dick Cheney defended it, the responsibility shielded Obama administration people and CIA rushed to prove Dick right.

At first it was Obama’s national intelligence director singing praise to torture

President Obama’s national intelligence director told colleagues in a private memo last week that the harsh interrogation techniques banned by the White House did produce significant information that helped the nation in its struggle with terrorists.

Then came the good faith torturers from CIA producing this horrible headline

CIA Confirms: Waterboarding 9/11 Mastermind Led to Info that Aborted 9/11-Style Attack on Los Angeles

Yeah, right. I am sure it also prevented me from winning Miss Universe last year.

But now, it’s official: torture is no longer a matter of decency and civilization: it’s a political football..


And now, politicizing torture has brought yet another undesired consequence

“Emanuel got far ahead of the process and described it in a way that clearly suggested that political judgment was driving the entire process,” one senior Justice official told me. “It was depressing and amateurish.”

Indeed, it’s not the POTUS’s place to decide who will be prosecuted and who will not.

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