Things look bright for the future of the gay marriage in NY with a new poll showing a majority favoring it. The Daly News may be formulating its headline in a question – but it’s quite significant

Has gay marriage reached a tipping point in New York?

A Siena College poll released Monday found that by 53% to 39% margin, those surveyed say the state Senate should pass legislation to legalize same-sex marriage, virtually ensuring it would become law.

What is fantastic news is that those numbers don’t even change with the political parties:

Democrats strongly support it by a 59% to 35% margin while Republicans oppose it by virtually the same tally, 59% to 31%.

although some funny 100% on the dems side..

All the poll had to do was take civil unions from the mix – as pollsters usually did it.

And where’s harmony, who else should appear but his Honor of perpetual ridicule, Rudi Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani, the thrice-married former New York City mayor,Β has come out strongly against Democratic Gov. David Paterson’s proposed gay marriage bill.

Giuliani’s opposition, articulated in an interview with The New York Post published Monday, was widely interpreted as an attempt by the moderate Republican to position himself for a possible run for the party’s 2010 New York gubernatorial nomination.

yeah, Rudy, you have about as much chance to be governor as you did to be POTUS

I think however gay rights activists as well as Governor Paterson should be glad for the gift they are getting.

Especially in the light of the poll numbers for the Republicans (who are sparse in NY as it is). Let Rudy make this

hot-button 2010 issue both in New York and nationally,

In NY at least, it will be the issueΒ  to keep Paterson in office.

here’s a sample od Rudy’s unerring political instinct:

Giuliani predicted that the push for gay marriage will spark “a grass-roots” backlash. “This is the kind of issue that, in many ways, is somewhat beyond politics.”

Yeah, I bet you’d like to ride such a wave. Only you’re in the wrong city for it..