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More and more Jr.Jr actions lately pass unnoticed. Not a whole lot of talk in the Obamanation about this headline

Obama sticks to Bush detainee policy

Apparently, “for now”

A move by the Justice Department Friday to appeal a decision granting three detainees at the Bagram U.S. air base in Afghanistan the right to challenge their detention in U.S. courts shows the Obama administration is hewing to policies set by the Bush administration, The Washington Post reported.

Says the lawyer for the Bagram detainees

“I really thought Obama meant it when he said this is going to be the end of an overreaching executive who asserted he had the power to take people and lock them up and throw away the key, no matter whether they’ve done anything or not,” Foster said. “It’s absolutely ridiculous that we should wait until the administration decides [on its policy] until we give three people who have been sitting in prison for six years the right to say, ‘I’m being held without any basis.’ “

Sorry buddy, you should have checked his record before believing anything.

And before getting time to digest this one, yet another Jr.Jr. action flies under the radar.

Just in time for the Spanish effort to punish torture

The Obama administration is leaning toward keeping secret some graphic details of tactics allowed in Central Intelligence Agency interrogations, despite a push by some top officials to make the information public, according to people familiar with the discussions.

That probably explains why the dog was used to deflect the torture question.

the dog has also not talked to the Spanish about impending torture cases.”

And what do Obama people do while all this is happening? (Iraq war prolongued to 2011, Afghanistan escalated, FISA extended, etc). Oh, they are not sitting iddle at all, thank you very much! They are extremely busy…I am sure all of you received this e-mail

Defend Michelle Obama’s organic garden from pesticide lobbyists.

In the latest version, you need to send them money as defending that garden requires…$75.000

I am a little confused here. I am a gardener. I am part of a community garden in NYC that is in a daily struggle against the city/realtors to defend its land./status as a garden. I know of gardening and of fighting for it.

We survived 30 years already without spending a penny on this defense…

As for keeping the garden organic, this is something up to us, the gardeners. Just as it is up to Michelle – the gardener that everyone wants to protect…from herself?

I mean, I know they made her into this fashion doll, Does this mean that the woman who devised the policy of keeping the poor out of hospitals isn’t able to defend herself against companies who want her to garden their way? And people need to raise $75,000 to help her stand strong? Is her little “first Lady of fashion” brain so fragile, armies of B0bots and their funds are necessary to help her not change her mind?

And all this is more important than everything else I wrote above?

This organic gardener is confused

Not Your Sweetie