This is one of those propaganda/spin situations that reminds me of what someone said about me at a high school reunion: “She is so far left, she thinks Obama is not liberal enough”

In their banner article, Politico reassures us today that Obama’s position on abortion rights boost opposition from anti-choicers.

Nowhere the two pages article mentions Obama’s prevailing on democrats in congress to drop the contraceptives from the budget. Nowhere is the part time DNC cairman’s “Choose life” licence plates financing anti-choice groups mentioned.

Two entire pages of how many letters and how much astroturf mean anti-choicers dump on poor pro-choice Obama.

All that leading to this nifty paragraph:

It’s no surprise that Obama supports abortion rights. What’s been surprising to these groups is a quick succession of policy and personnel moves by Obama as president – moves they say belie the words of Candidate Obama, who pledged to change the national conversation about abortion.

From there on, what follows it’s insufficient steps in the right direction in the mind of the author:

The White House took steps earlier this month to shift the narrative. Obama’s chief domestic policy adviser, Melody Barnes, assembled a conference call to kick off its abortion reduction initiative, asking for examples of successful local programs and announcing plans to hold a series of meetings on the issue.

Obama also has appointed at least four religious leaders to the Council on Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships who oppose abortion.

Which, the article tells us did little to stop the opposition

“A lot of activists are waking up,” said Joy Yearout, political director the Susan B. Anthony (sic)List. “For eight years we had President Bush and his veto pen to protect us – and we don’t have that anymore.

Well, at least they are awake. Pro choicers actually don’t have anyone to protect their rights either, but most of them are asleep.