When I rescued my girlie dog from North Shore Animal League (no tricks, she was REALLY returned there), it so happened that her name was the same as mine. I found this after I decided to pick her, so this was not in any way a factor. We were advised to use the new name after the one we were going to give herΒ  for a while – in a composite double name for their learning.

My guy in fact insisted that we keep the name she came with, asΒ  a show of respecting her individuality.

To me this was too weird, so I insisted that eventually only the name we gave her be used.

I love my dog. I love my name too. Not to the point of bestowing it on my pets though – this is something that I cannot wrap my brain around. It’s funny that B0 should name his girlie dog after himself

So, as B0 has been the name I used for the biped for a long time, I won’t change that. As for Bo the quatruped – I’ll have to keep the number of legs for distinction – besides the use of the letter “o” vs the number “0”.

And what do you know, the Animal Farm rule seems to apply: 4 legs good, 2 legs bad. Who wold have thunk it?

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