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Si, I am home thinking of this protest and who organized it (I was going to make myself a sign:


Instead, this cartoon reflects what I think of the whole “protest”thing….


Instapundit has an interesting entry & video re: B0b0ts protests vs tea parties organized by the conservatives

And I agree with the fact that Hamsher’s accusations of the other side (as to the founding) are based on projections from their own MO

And from the Women in Politics forum I am getting some indication that Jane was full of it: seems tea party generate enthusiasm and money

“Pro-Obama merchandise had been popular all of last year. In the last couple of months we’ve seen anti-Obama products begin to increase in popularity and sales numbers,” Kang told

Eric Odom, who administers the Tax Day Tea Party Web site and is helping organize and fund multiple events, said they were “ecstatic” with the results they’re seeing at their online store, which has recorded $48,000 in sales.

Unlike the Trippi pushed anemic events on the other side (the “deflect th anger to the bankers” effort)

WaPo  publishes a 4 pages puff piece on W’s “simpler life”(not an ounce of remorse in sight)

There, buried amongst the old clicheed lies the little clue to the rotation of the cadres

Bush rarely talks about his successor and he vows to support him. At his luncheon speech in Calgary, the former president said: “I’m not going to spend my time criticizing [Obama]. There are plenty of critics in the arena. He deserves my silence.

How? Why? What has he done to deserve it? (we all remember W wasn’t at all silent on his “predecessor”) And silence on what? Sound more like Omerta to me.

But facts scream for themselves loud enough.

Right after asking more money for the two wars going, Obama’s general lets foreign media only know that

we may miss Iraq deadline to halt al-Qaeda terror

In all fairness, he may have let all media know, but in this country the O-media also gives Obama their silence.

So, who can recall all W’s phony reasons to invade Iraq? Al Quaeda, Saddam, WMD, freedom marching and the rest of them.

Looks Obama is starting from the top:

The activities of al-Qaeda in two of Iraq’s most troubled cities could keep US combat troops engaged beyond the June 30 deadline for their withdrawal, the top US commander in the country has warned.

So, it’s Al Qaeda now, and not only the deadline may be missed but

US troop numbers in Mosul and Baqubah, in the north of the country, could rise rather than fall over the next year if necessary,

Who would have thunk it? The guy who made a speech….

The article – which is for the most part a puff piece on the good general, reminds us that

President Barack Obama is seeking $83.4 billion for US military and diplomatic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan


would push the costs of the two wars to almost $1 trillion since the September 11, 2001

In other news

The US budget deficit hits almost one trillion dollars in the first half of the current fiscal year, according to figures released by the Treasury.

It kinda makes sense – from the one billion dollars candidate.

Oh, yeah – silence deserved and delivered.


Same general same statements, headlined and massaged Politico style

Odierno believes troops will be out of Iraq by 2011

Asked by CNN’s John King to offer a 1-to-10 rating for the chances that U.S. combat troops would be out of Iraq by 2011, Odierno said: “As you ask me today, I believe it’s a 10, that we’ll be gone by 2011.”

But Odierno also said he believed that specific deadlines on the timetable could be altered based on conditions on the ground – and he thinks that Obama would be amenable to small changes, if deemed necessary.

Which makes me wonder: was 2011 the original deadline or 2010?

And who sent the good general in damage control press tour after his Times of London interview?


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