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The Daily News only gives it a part of the cover

but the Post is going all out, unwittingly acomplishing some placement humor +”le mot juste”

The administration that wants to look only forward and never call responsibility for crimes or fraud from anyone can’t completely help it’s fiends protegees.

After shushing down the House’s bil taxing the CEO’s bill, Obama still can’t stop the demands for an inquiry.

So an audit of the AIG payments is in the works

“To what extent did AIG pay counterparty claims at 100 percent of face value and was any attempt made to renegotiate and close out these claims with ‘haircuts?’” Barofsky wrote. “Questions concerning whether AIG paid more than necessary to counterparties and whether Treasury adequately monitored such payments are clearly relevant.”

Andrew Cuomo wrote at the time that this was the real scandal and the bonuses were just the smoke screen. And the big surprise for me is the name Goldman Sachs appearing

AIG, under pressure to show how its $182.5 billion U.S. bailout was being spent, revealed on March 15 that banks including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank AG and Societe Generale SA were top recipients.

Of course, it remains to be seen if this will be a real probe or the Lieberman type of cover-up in the shape of a probe. But for today, I am glad.

Another mess that Obama & friends thought was – selectively-cleaned and put behind them, was the one in their own back yard – the selling of Obama’s seat. How deftly they and the media jumped all around the principals, having Obama smell like rose in the middle of that trough…

And yet, Jesse-analyse those tears Jackson who last time bragged of being an FBI informant, seems to still be in the middle “unpleasantness”: an ethics board is launching a probe of his activities

The Office of Congressional Ethics, formed just last year, voted in late March to conduct a “preliminary review,” of actions surrounding Jackson’s bid to be appointed to the Senate seat, according to documents released to parties involved in the probe. The committee launched the action Thursday — the same day Blagojevich was indicted on corruption charges.

Again, considering the effects of their first investigation into Roland Burris, I won’t hold my breath for the outcome. Still, this is more fodder for my Schadenfreude list.

And for the lighter side of this, the Politico gushing of the day is over what Obama watches on TV. Whether true or just to give Rahm Emmanuel’s brother a plug, Obama mentioned one of the most superficial, Holliwood self-referential Entourage as a favorite. The reaction was predictable

“When you hear he likes ‘Entourage,’ you have to go, ‘That figures,’” said Robert Thompson, a professor of pop culture at Syracuse University. “Anything Obama does is cool by definition. He’s the Internet president, he’s the BlackBerry president, and now, I suppose, he could be called the HBO president.” Obama likes “Entourage” so much he even rearranged his campaign schedule not to miss an episode.

Mmm…the sweet smell of a fix…And I can understand the liking. For all his Hollywood misadventures, pretty boy Vince Chase never had an ethics probe directed at him or his posse nor was he held responsible for the havoc they all wrecked. Somehow, Vince gets away with anything. because after all, he is …a star

And this brings me to Mr Fish cartoon posted above which connects to the content more than obviously evident.

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