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The man who created Obama from money in 2004

Soros held a fundraiser for Obama at his New York home and donated the maximum legal amount in June – June 2004, that is, before Obama had even been elected to the US Senate. Two years later he urged Obama to run for president, and when he did become a candidate Soros organised a meeting with other financiers in Soros’s own Wall Street office.

is now telling us that his creation’s economic plans won’t fare so well

The U.S. economy is in for a “lasting slowdown” and could face a Japan-style period of relatively low growth coupled with high inflation,

And while he seems to also think that banks are crucial to recovery, he also seems to share Paul Krugman’s view on zombie banks

“What we have created now is a situation where the banks who will be able to earn their way out of a hole, but by doing that, they are going to weigh on the economy,” he said. “Instead of stimulating the economy, they will draw the lifeblood, so to speak, of profits away from the real economy in order to keep themselves alive. This is the zombie bank situation.”

Did he mean the zombies will drain or brain our economy?

But hey, the  media and the polls tell us we’re optimistic about the economy so who cares?

Who cares also that the FISA, that everyone believed would be straightened after election is enhanced?

But the Obama DOJ demanded dismissal of the entire lawsuit based on (1) its Bush-mimicking claim that the “state secrets” privilege bars any lawsuits against the Bush administration for illegal spying, and (2) a brand new “sovereign immunity” claim of breathtaking scope — never before advanced even by the Bush administration — that the Patriot Act bars any lawsuits of any kind for illegal government surveillance unless there is “willful disclosure” of the illegally intercepted communications.

A few noticed the strategy behind it at Senate voting time(by Obama)

I do know this: they would not have made this “compromise” and then brought this to the floor without his ok, and probably without his direction.

Must were shushing us: “Once he’ll take the power, he’ll strike that down”

And for all that rich material, Politico says “the jokes don’t click”.

You can believe it, hillarious Kurzman says it

“There’s just not a lot of material to go on,” Kurtzman said. “After eight years of Clinton and eight years of Bush, it’s like people have to get creative and work for a living.”

and the founder agrees

“But good satire has to have a foundation of umbrage, and Obama hasn’t given me any incentive to satirize him.”

It’s settled then All the humorists agree: no laughing at Obama. From now on, only Obama shall laugh at us. And then no one needs be concerned about FISA.

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