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CDS is not news to anyone, but it’s sometimes fun to compare the kind of coverage Bill Clinton got compared to Obama’s. Take the bow to some Royal for instance as Hot Air pointed out skewered by the New York Times under this caption

The President’s Inclination: No, It Wasn’t a Bow-Bow

New York Times is seething with anger at the “impression”

It wasn’t a bow, exactly. But Mr. Clinton came close. He inclined his head and shoulders forward, he pressed his hands together. It lasted no longer than a snapshot, but the image on the South Lawn was indelible: an obsequent President, and the Emperor of Japan.

And they bring up Teddy’s roosevelt impulse to bite Royals and the State Department ling standing rule

But the “thou need not bow” commandment from the State Department’s protocol office maintained a constancy of more than 200 years. Administration officials scurried to insist that the eager-to-please President had not really done the unthinkable…..

yes, Bill Clinton was too eager to please. Did an almost bow and the media jumped.

And what did New York Times said of Obama bow from the waist to the Saudi King? Crickets….

here’s the WaPo reporter answering a question on it

Michael A. Fletcher: I’m not sure what the etiquette is for such greetings, but I’m sure the president was only trying to convey respect to the leader of a nation with which the US has a crucial–and complicated–relationship. Remember some years ago when President Bush touched cheeks with and held the hand of a Saudi monarch during a visit to his Texas ranch? Another sign of respect. I would not make too much of it. “

Oh, I’ll make of it as much as New York Times made of Clinton’s “almost bow”. What happened with the SOS 200 years old rule? What about Teddy Roosevelt? Are we now using W as standard for Obama?

Wasn’t Obama supposed to be the “change” from Bush?


Bonus bowing illustration

Not Your Sweetie