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New York Post is working really, really hard to live down monkey cartoon

In fact, on update, I see Murdoch’s London rag is turning the breach of protocol into a virtue

Meanwhile The Daily News renames the Royal Palace but unwittingly slaps itself with placement humor, once again finding le mot juste

Back on earth, AM-NY rejoyce for a dubious NYC distinction

for people who don’t live as close to Con Edison as I do


I see now that our tabloids are trying to overcompensate for the UK ones which blast the blunders

Michelle Obama breaks royal protocol by giving the Queen a hug

and some catty fashion commentary

First Lady’s fashion sense falters Does Colin Montgomerie know Michelle’s wearing one of his cardies?


For a more complete list of gaffes and general merriment, see MadamaB’s pay in one embarrassing act

QUEEN ELIZABETH and her consort, PRINCE PHILIP, are lying in bed in their elaborate, gilded suite. It’s been a long day – they’ve just spent it with America’s First Couple, BARACK and MICHELLE OBAMA. They are both exhausted, but not ready to go to sleep just yet. They are wearing monogrammed, silk pajamas with royal crests on them. Reading glasses and old-fashioned nightcaps adorn their royal heads. HMQE is reading The Guardian, while PP is reading OK!.)

A lot of you commented yesterday about the seeming faux pas in the gifting the Queen with an I-pod. I found it featured in this cartoon from Toronto Star

It now seems that the I-pod was loaded with some  footage of the Royal visits in the US as well as

  • Photos from President Obama’s Inauguration
  • Audio of then-state senator Obama’s speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and
  • Audio of President Obama 2009 Inauguration Address

So, when the Queen gets tired of watching herself on the little gizmo, she can always come to her senses and look and listen to The One. After all, she gives signed framed photos of herself too…..

Politico,which always finds the pro-Obama angle in every story, noticed that

So far the Ipod gift hasn’t resulted in the kind of “what was he thinking” response in the British press that came with the DVD gift.

Except for one paper which wrote

“Dear ‘Real Americans,’

Thanks for the apologies, but you can keep them. No reasonable person here is insulted by the gifts given to the queen – I imagine it was refreshing for her not to receive another ornamental trinket to sit in the royal garage.”

So, we’re all righty then.

I especially love the part where the courtier media got miffed

The opening of this New York Times article is priceless:

Is President Obama trying to muzzle his press corps?

I especially love the “his” in the context.

That is followed by kwetching that they had one question less than the other guys

Mr. Brown called on the U.K. press corps for four whole questions. Meanwhile, Mr. Obama only called on the White House press corps, which schlepped (granted, on a really nice United 777 charter) across the Atlantic to scrupulously chronicle his first overseas trip as president, thrice.

Oh, poor dears! My heart is breaking!

Over at CNN, BObot Penn Jilette is starting to get a bit worried. First the disclaimers

President Obama is so damn smart. He just drips smart. He clearly understands stuff that we could never understand. He’s trustworthy. If Obama were teaching fire-eating, we would all learn fast. If he told you that the burns would be minor and the fire would go out when you closed your mouth, you’d believe him. If I weren’t twice his weight, I’d fall back with my eyes closed into his caring arms in one of those cheesy ’70s church trust exercises. He could talk me into anything.

And, no, there was no tongue in chick there. Then comes the inkling of reason

Obama tells us that we can spend our way out of debt. He tells us that even though the government had control over the banks and did nothing to stop the bad that’s going on, if we give them more control over more other bank-like things, then they can make sure bad stuff doesn’t happen ever again. He says we can get out of all those big wars President Bush caused by sending more troops into Afghanistan. And I don’t know. I really don’t know.

and the hopeful ending

I way hope we’re turning into a skid and not accelerating into a concrete wall.

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