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The New York Post continues to wage the war against Paterson (see Bloomberg, Caroline Kennedy history)

while Metro demonstrates that yesterday’s slight of hand to make the Auto industry the guilty parties for the financial mess wasn’t a total sell.

The Daily News in trying to get cute with a play on words and unwittingly hits “le mot juste”

Reading an article about Obama’s escalating war in Central Asia, I was struck by the references to the media snow job:

Those who echo the New York Times‘ description of Obama’s plan as a “narrowing” of the war, because it abandons “Mr. Bush’s vague talk of representative democracy in Afghanistan,” are only trying to deceive the public.

To be fair, before covering for Jr.Jr’s war, New York Times famously donned its pom poms for Jr’s war – who can forget Judith Miller and her WMD? It’s not like NYT has any credibility left, but why would Obama have any?

Leave it to Bush’s holdout, Robert Gates to be candid – on Faux of all places

Asked on a Fox Network television interview yesterday about the difference between Bush’s “war on terror” and Obama’s “campaign against extremism,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates replied, “I think that’s people looking for differences where there are none.

Who are you gonna believe? The guy in charge of waging the actual war for both administrations or…New York Times?

And more interestingly, why are people looking for differences? The con job is over, the public was deceived in installing the third term of Bush. Why try to keep the illusion?

The article points that

Obama’s plan exposes the connection between US militarism and the decayed state of American democracy. Overwhelming popular opposition to war is routinely ignored and violated. Obama’s plan was adopted without congressional authorization or public debate.

ts release was timed to avoid public attention and scrutiny. Just two days before, Obama held a prime time news conference where the issue of Afghanistan was not raised. He chose to announce a major escalation of the war at a 9:30 AM no-questions-asked press conference, when most of the population was at work and unable to watch. As Obama spoke, he was flanked by Gates and other Bush administration holdovers

But hey, we’re supposed to cheer that “war on terror” is no longer being used as slogan! And look, the war is so much narrower! (Not that we’re out of Iraq yet)


And in this “narrow war” we sometimes get sucked in internal drug wars

The American forces were tricked by a drug clan into taking out a rival as part of an operation to seize an al-Qaida member.

That begs for Mr Fish’s cartoon

Not Your Sweetie

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