The word is: Wal Street good, Auto industry – the scapegoats for the economic mess. Where else better to sell this then NYC, the home of Wall Street and far away from Michigan?

So here’s Obama’s trusty cheerleader, Daily News, crediting Obama

And then NY Post joins in too

And while I feel no sympathy for the GM CEO, or any other CEO for that matter, I can’t very well cheer in light of the bankers screwing everyone with impunity. Pretty much the way it was happening during the first Jr.time.

And from South Park, an insight in the workings of the controling the financial crisis system:


And while the tabloids jump for joy that Obama fired a CEO, I womder if the bailout will cover Wagoner’s golden parachute

Rick Wagoner will leave his post as CEO of bailed-out General Motors with a $20 million retirement package, the company’s financial filings show.