After recently announcing that he is open to making friends with the Taliban, Obama ordered 4200 extra troops in Afghanistan – that in addition to the 17,000 sent in February. Politico calls it now “Obama’s war” but they are only quoting Obama’s people:

“He’s gone all in,” said an official briefed on the plan. “This is Obama’s war. He’s pushed all the chips to the center of the table.”

How very brave of him! Someone, please play that speech he made on war once….if they can actually find it. The one that allowed his followers to diss candidates more progressive than Obama.

In a very related story in Roll Call, the liberal caucus in the House feels neglected, the headline being

Liberals Feeling Slighted

Progressive Caucus Still Waiting for Obama Meeting

.One of the shocked comments cited is the guy who spoke with Obama on the phine last year, David Sirota:

“The fact that Obama has spent time courting House Republicans, the most legislatively irrelevant group on the Hill, and still hasn’t met with Progressives, the center core of his party — it’s incredible,

Byt Lynn Woolsey went to the heart of the problem:

“Maybe they think that they can take us for granted, but they can’t,” she said.

Can’t they?

The progressive caucus is the largest ideological fraction in the house – 77 members. But the other caucases were higher maintenance

But moderates have commanded attention by proving they will bring down measures that don’t accommodate their views —a tack Progressives, despite their numbers, have had a harder time pulling off.

“They’re generally not as organized and effective as some of the other caucuses,” one senior Democratic aide said. “You need to make sure you’re organized and effective, and then you have a place to complain.”

And then we come back to the original story: progressives and war. Will they fight now?

There is one flashpoint looming that could help refocus White House attention on the caucus: Obama’s plan to send an additional 17,000 troops to Afghanistan. The Progressive Caucus has not yet taken an official position on the proposal and is waiting to hear more details, a source close to the group said.

Well, guess what, progressive caucus: more details have arrived, mostly in the form of extra 4200 troops being sent. And you are going to take a position, when? They are obviously not aware of this as

But Woolsey and a handful of other mostly liberal Democrats sent Obama a letter earlier this month urging him to reconsider.

Okey-dokey then.