Suddenly, they are all focusing on it.

The Daily News is back to the cheerleader position, trying to make the most of the good Wall Street day yesterday

.pointing out that it was “Bam’s plan” that did it (someone at Daily News needs to read WSJ)

Newsday is as usual closer to reality, sticking with the AIG bonuses

and surprisingly New York Post joins in

At the other end of the spectrum than the Daily News, AM NY cancels the optimist by pointing out some bizarre signs of the times



Great commentary on the “hooray, Wall street approves”

“.Our press corps has discovered an important scoop: Rich people approve of using taxpayer money to help rich people.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a common thread throughout all of this coverage, which is that Geithner’s plan cannot be successful unless it wins the enthusiastic endorsement of the very rich people who drove the broader economy into the ground in the first place..

This too

rom the front page of this morning’s conservative Daily Mail newspaper comes a measure of where Geithner’s misguided economic might lead:

“Millions face ‘worst of both worlds’ as cost of living rises but rate for fixing pay and pensions falls to zero.”