The media is burying the lede on this one giving us seemingly good news: Bush’s “enemy combatants” murky label shall no nonger be used!

U.S. Won’t Label Terror Suspects as ‘Combatants’

DOJ Drops Use of ‘Enemy Combatant’ Language

Hooray! The rule of law shall apply to them – due process, courts, set free if illegally arrested, right?

For the NYT article, one has to go to the second paragraph of the cheerfully titled story to find out that

But in a much anticipated court filing, the Justice Department argued that the president has the authority to detain terrorism suspects there without criminal charges, much as the Bush administration had asserted. It provided a broad definition of those who can be held, which was not significantly different from the one used by the Bush administration.

A broad definition – that makes all the difference!

As for ABC, to their credit, at least they had a subtitle thet contradicted the headline

Government Reiterates Its Power to Detain as Needed

So, the change of name is headline worthy why? Because, one of W’s legal counsels doesn’t see the departure in the window dressing change:

“This seems fundamentally consistent with the positions of the prior administration,” said Steven A. Engel, who was a senior lawyer responsible for detainee issues in the Justicetice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel until the final day of the Bush administration.

Mr. Engel added that the term “enemy combatant” was not the issue. “The important point is that they recognize that we can detain members of the enemy” during a war, he said.

Of course one wants to be illegally detained and tortured under a good name. Enemy combatant was uncool. I am sure that “broad definition” (is that anyway about women?)  will make those people feel much better.

Bostonboomer at The Confluence has a more honest title and goes to the consequences that the Obama media totally passes over:

This is so sad, heartbreaking really. Two years ago, we all had such high hopes that 2008 would see the election of a Democratic President, and an opportunity to restore America’s standing in the world–to reverse the policy of the Bush administration and to restore Constitutional rights and basic civil liberties to American citizens as well as foreign citizens detained at Guantanamo and God knows how many other foreign prisons set up by our government. But we really did get another Bush term.

Not only do we get another Bush term – as many of us predicted, but people continue chanting “CHANGE IS HERE”

We are now torturing under new pretenses! Hooray!