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Thus is the spin of the last McClatchy-Ipsos poll which actually make the surreal headline:

Obama v. Limbaugh: Poll finds it’s no contest

Duh. There isn’t one actually. Just as there wasn’t one right after 9.11 when they polled Hillary against Giuliani.

Or, closer yet – there wasn’t one between W and Bill Clinton when they kept polling them one against the other after concocting daily “scandals” against Clinton.

The actual finding of the poll is that

The survey found that 65 percent of Americans approve of the way Obama is doing his job roughly 50 days into his presidency. That was down slightly from 69 percent a month ago.

At the same time, 29 percent disapprove of Obama’s performance, a small increase from 26 percent a month ago.

Other relevant findings:

Another reason that the president lost a little ground could be an uptick in pessimism about the economy.

The survey found 57 percent saying the worst is yet to come on the economy, up from 54 percent a month ago. Just 3 percent said they thought the economy had “turned the corner” toward better times, down from 7 percent.

Wow! They’re still using the “turning a corner” scam ana a few B0bots are on board!

However, the important thing is, he beats talk radio

Still, the president’s numbers remain high, roughly twice as high as his predecessor’s in his final year in office and more than twice as high as those for Limbaugh, the right-wing radio talk-show host.

But, how do his numbers compare with American Idol?  Lost? The Biggest Loser?

It was pretty pathetic of W and his people to try to build his numbers on bashing Clinton – and it never actually worked despite the media spin.

After W wrecked the country the way he did, it’s a fargone conclusion GOP lost a lot of ground with voters.

And it would be legitimate to compare Obama’s numbers with W’s.

But the approval numbers vs Nielsen ratings is beyond pale. And let’s face it, being more popular than Rush Limbaugh is not exactly a compliment – so what is this great achievement we’re boasting about?

Whats next? More popular than cleaning your toilet bowl? A trip to the dentist?  A hole in the head?

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