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The guy who bought the last mayoral election to the tune of $100 per vote, seems to think that we would suffer if he has to pay more taxes. Sounds like a threat – and NY Post has it on page one

I personally believe the taxation needs to be progressive. But I relish the irony that the guy who threatened to start a third party unless Democrats nominate Obama isn’t now happy….

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This is good – I think the saying “protect me from friends, I can deal with the enemies” applies.

With Sanjay Gupta’s withdrawal (this is starting to resemble W’s “war tzar” search), Dean’s little fans are at it again.

Within hours — maybe even minutes — of Gupta’s withdrawal, liberal bloggers threw out the possibility of Dean as the nation’s top doc. After all, he acknowledged this week that he really would have liked the Health and Human Services job. And he’s a physician to boot.

The story made its way to CNN Friday, elevating the idea beyond Internet chatter.

“Elevating”  the idea? Funny, that. Anyway, CNN says he’d take it

One Democratic strategist close to Dean made clear the former DNC chair would take the position if it is offered. “He’ll do whatever the President would like him to do,” said the strategist. “He’s certainly well-suited and well-qualified for that job. It would certainly shut up a lot of Dean supporters.”

Sure enough, now Dean has to pretend yet again that he doesn’t want it

Indeed, Dean associates were quick to bat the idea down, saying he has not been contacted. When the idea of surgeon general was floated a while ago, he tried to politely make it clear that he wasn’t interested, according to a person close to Dean.

Also, Politico makes no bones that Emanuel is the absolute barrier

It’s a matchup that is difficult for political insiders to fathom. Dean had very open disagreements with White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel over electoral strategies when Dean headed the Democratic National Committee and Emanuel led the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

I mean, it’s not like Obama would feel he needs to show any love to said bloggers (David Sirota will have to live with the memory of that phone call, last year)

Here’s a sample of the hopeful masses

Dean under consideration! Bones to the base! Man your barricades! Discuss. Fanfare. Disbelief. Small bones, big bones, not gonna happen bones?

And another, full of hope for change

4. If he does I hope he does away with the dumb ass uniform they wear.

yeah, something in red and gold would do the trick They wear an uniform???? You mean, like a General? Are there hats?

Another one for my Schadenfreude list

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