There’s a show on ABC on Wednesdays night with that name – which you have to check if only for Harvey Keitel.

It’s a remake of an excellent British series. The premise being – a cop in 2008 wakes after an accident in 1973. While figuring what happened he has to adjust – and in the process, present and past are compared.

There is a character from the original show – a woman sargent who is reduced to the role ofย  a secretary by the macho crew. The American version ramped the sexism aspects more – having the other cops call her “No Nuts” and at times becoming angry when she has brilliant ideas in solving a case or shows bravery. In one such a moment she asks the irate colleague whose life she just saved: “Just what it is that scares you so about me?”

Last night’s episode dealt with the Weather Underground – a college professor et al who blew up 3 cops and were stopped from blowing up a fourth. I wish this aired before the election, but I still enjoyed watching it after the Ayers’s rehabilitation media tour. They were referred as terrorists and hypocrites. I think they also did a good job with the rhetoric which switched very fast from idealistic, anti-war to murderous fanatic.

And now I just found out it has been cancelled – so, hurry and watch it

4bfb92f65401189a5e1e35295f445596.gif picture by Robbedvoter