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A funny thing is happening in the media.

After Obama cheerleader Politico wrote about the brilliant plan to elevate Limbaugh to status of leader of the opposition, and Limbaugh came up with a publicity stunt to turn the tables, and this is the part where he is right

“Your flunkies are demanding this debate,” Limbaugh said to Obama. “Your flunkies are targeting a private citizen with an enemies list that so far has three or four names on it: Mine; [CNBC’s] Rick Santelli; Jim Cramer at CNBC; and let’s not forget Joe the Plumber, who your allies in Ohio also tried to destroy.”

cheerleader Daily News is accusing…the media of inventing a new meme! Of course, the argument is lawyerly qualified  starting with the title – the blasted meme saying Obama was SOLELY to blame. The arguments, in the face of the facts are pretty lame, such as

But come on: None of this is really true. Or at least, it’s a grotesque exaggeration.

It almost reminds me of the Bush administration Joseph Wilson degfense (we didn’t out hiw wife, and if we did she wasn’t covert, and if she was….)

So, how wasn’t this disaster “solely” Obama’s fault?

That suggest that Rush and the press also played something of a role in ensuring that this story was a major media circus.

Oh, noes! I poked a hornet’s nest and got stung – it’s not solely my fault!

Apparently, the White House came to regret the game

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs conceded Wednesday that engaging media personalities like Limbaugh and Santelli “may be counterproductive.”

“Are there days where I just turn my television off? Yes,” Gibbs said

Funny how it’s Gibbs now. Reminds me of Bush blaming his press secretary for saying Clinton messed up the ME peace process by “raising expectations”. Then, within days, went on and blurted it again. personally.

Poor Obama! How was he to now that Limbaugh could use the media too, only for his benefit?

Much as I loathe Rush, and that didn’t diminish one bit just because he entertained me lately with this circus – this was wrong from the start. The White House should not use the bully pulpit for attacking private citizens for their political views. That’s especially true of a white house who claims its ‘post-partisan”.

The maneuver was meant to embarrass Republicans in congress and they too were clever enough to turn this turd back to Obama, so now, let’s blame the guy we just attacked for not playing dead.

And another view of these goings on from myiq2xu at the Confluence

A couple of days ago it was a brilliant strategy the emanated directly from the White House – make Rush Limbaugh the face of the Republican party.  So today when The Big Fat Idiot gleefully threw down a challenge for Obama to debate him, one-on-one without Teleprompters, we suddenly hear “it wasn’t me” from the Oval Office.


here’s a video of Begala trying to avoid saying they did plan the Rush elevation

and in my e-mail, an astroturf thinghie

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