As Gallup has Obama’s approval dipping 5 points in a month, MSNBC is spinning

But be careful if you’re trying to draw a dramatic conclusion about this slight downward tick. The only group of voters that hasΒ moved away from Obama are Republicans, who went from 41% approval in January to 30% now. However, Democrats’ approval has remained steady (88% then, 89% now). And — perhaps most importantly — so has approval among independents (63% then, 63% now).

OK, toadies, I’ll be careful. I’m just thinking how Obama is been trying so hard to be Mr Post-partisanship (heck, he threw family planning overboard for that reason only)

I am also thinking of that other number you forgot to include, from the Gallup analysis

The percentage disapproving has doubled, from 12% to 24%.

Nothing to see here, move along.

And it’s not as if Gallup itself is not spinning as well

The fact that the decline is seen exclusively among Republicans, however, could mean that the bottom has been reached, or at least that Obama’s approval won’t fall much further, as long as Democrats and independents continue to support the economic recovery policies now largely defining Obama and his administration.

OK, you’re the boss of this. I mean, you’re conducting those polls, so having such specific expectations on future outcomes is almost like saying they are predetermined. I am using ‘almost” to be polite.