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No, there wasn’t dissent…Just some juxtaposition I found funny.

From Newsday triumphal

to the NY Post “hope they forget about the cartoons” activism

to a shockingly cautious Daily News

and a hilariously on the money AM NY


As Gallup has Obama’s approval dipping 5 points in a month, MSNBC is spinning

But be careful if you’re trying to draw a dramatic conclusion about this slight downward tick. The only group of voters that has moved away from Obama are Republicans, who went from 41% approval in January to 30% now. However, Democrats’ approval has remained steady (88% then, 89% now). And — perhaps most importantly — so has approval among independents (63% then, 63% now).

OK, toadies, I’ll be careful. I’m just thinking how Obama is been trying so hard to be Mr Post-partisanship (heck, he threw family planning overboard for that reason only)

I am also thinking of that other number you forgot to include, from the Gallup analysis

The percentage disapproving has doubled, from 12% to 24%.

Nothing to see here, move along.

And it’s not as if Gallup itself is not spinning as well

The fact that the decline is seen exclusively among Republicans, however, could mean that the bottom has been reached, or at least that Obama’s approval won’t fall much further, as long as Democrats and independents continue to support the economic recovery policies now largely defining Obama and his administration.

OK, you’re the boss of this. I mean, you’re conducting those polls, so having such specific expectations on future outcomes is almost like saying they are predetermined. I am using ‘almost” to be polite.

Since I watched Family Guy last night, knowing that the bestest speech reviews were written in advance, I didn’t expect any surprises this morning. I got  one – of sorts, regarding the GOP answer speech by the Governor of LA.

Media matters is preemptively defensive, wondering if the media will repeat Jindal’s false accusation to Obama

According to Ben Smith, Bobby Jindal will accuse Obama of pessimism tonight,

Turns out they didn’t have to worry. Of course it was to be expected from AP to call Jindal’s speech a GOP attack

WASHINGTON – Republican leaders continued their attacks on President Barack Obama’s handling of the economy Tuesday, calling it irresponsible and certain to increase taxes and federal debt.

but I was mildly – repeat, mildly – to read about Fox attacking the Conservatives raising star, especially the very telling

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: “Jindal didn’t have a chance. He follows Obama, who in making speeches, is in a league of his own. He’s in a Reagan-esque league. … [Jindal] tried the best he could.”

So, I am thinking Media Matters can finally relax. Teflon is blown up their creek by absolutely everyone. Just as previously requested

President Barack Obama won’t speak until prime-time, but his aides fanned out to the morning shows Tuesday morning to talk up his first speech before a joint session of Congress. And the word they used to preview it: “Reaganesque.”(and they have a photo of Reagan with a teleprompter)

As for the actual Obama speech commentary, I’ll go with Cannonfire and the excellent comments there

The “save or create 3.5 million jobs” line is absolutely perfect because that is an unfalsifiable statement. So what if the economy loses, say, 5 million jobs in the next 4 years? Obama will still be able to say that, in the absence of his stimulus, it would have lost 8.5 million jobs…

and from myiq2xu

I thought it was Obama’s best speech ever.

But then again, I watched it with the sound off.

Better yet, Cinie’s World is breaking it down for us:

Somebody’s got to do something to fix stuff, that’s for sure.  Since I don’t really have a clue, I asked Congress to come up with a plan.  They said this American Recovery and Reinvestment Act thing is the best they could do.  Again, not my fault.

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