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Since I haven’t watched MSNBC since their South Carolina primary coverage, I have to rely on the NRO coverage for that astounding news:

after pledging that his mission onΒ  earth was to propagandize theΒ  Obama administration, Tweety & gang seem to – gasp- not do so:

I can hardly believe what I’m watching on MSNBC right now. Chris Matthews is almost critical β€” no, not even almost, he’s flat-out critical of President Obama on the economic front.

Uh-oh! General Electric must be unhappy with the stimulus!

Selected quotes from NRO:

Howard Fineman of Newsweek says Obama has been “grim and a little distant at the same time . . . Tim Geithner hasn’t inspired any confidence anywhere, as far as I can tell.”

Matthews: “He seems like Barney Fife to me.”

Eugene Robinson: “I actually referred to him as Doogie Howser, Treasury Secretary, and I think it’s a little unfair.” Much laughter ensues.

Oh, noes! Barney Fife,huh? How soon they forget!

But don’t despair. Should GE get a large chunk of our money, the love may be back. After all, we watched Tweety swoon and pout about W alternatively for 8 years. And it’s not like Tweety ever had any credibility.

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