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The ban on laughing at Obama started during the campaign with the New Yorker cover outrage and it’s now becoming surreal with aiming at things that “might be Obama”.

I wasn’t sorry to see Murdoch’s rag under fire and that cartoonist is definitely a homophobe – so while he racism accusations are incorrect, they are karmically earned.

NowΒ  NAACP is jumping in the fray,

“This was an invitation to assassination of the president of the United States and anyone who was not offended by it doesn’t have any sensibilities.”

Rather than debating the point of the cartoon, I’ll reminisce a bit of history about cartoons and NY Post.

The year was 2001. Fresh from a GOP financed run for President, Al Sharpton decided to play king maker in the NYC mayoral elections, by noisily endorsing/coaching/promoting a milktoast candidate, Jose Windowguards Ferrer (his only claim to fame a law mandating all families with children living above 2nd floor to instal window guards because once a kid fell out of a window). He was running in the primaries against NYC’s best chance at a progressive Mayor, Marc Green, with Bloomberg on the GOP side (Sharpton’s real end game).

NY Post had a cartoon with Ferrer kissing Sharpton’s very large ass – which was nothing but reality as everyone saw it.

After Ferrer lost the primaries, Sharpton used the Post cartoons to hit at Green for some reason, accusing him of not protesting the racism of NY Post. Mind you, Bloomberg hadn’t protested thm either, but he was to be the beneficiary of all this. So the furror started, with Green being accused of fostering racism and blacks being told to stay home election day. And that’s how NYC got a GOP Mayor which we are stuck with until he’ll get bored of us.

To this day I wonder how complicit was Murdoch in all this.

That’s what I was reminded of when I read

“There is consensus that if the Post does not … get rid of the journalists who are responsible for this bit of hate speech seeing the light of day, that we will move this from a local, regional issue to a very national issue.

You mean, like it was during the election?

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February 2009