The network which was terminating PUMA accounts without cause, is still proudly hosting all those beauties

58 Kill Hillary Clinton groups! Which is OK, as long as breastfeeding images are banned...

Now go back to protesting NY Post for a cartoon or better yet, Fox for a fabricated story (see update)


From the link provided by Coup de Groucho

Yet the truth is that making money is not Mr Zuckerberg’s prime motivation (he is angrily forceful on this point). He retains his youthful idealism that Facebook can and should change the way people live for the better by connecting them to each other.

And what better proof of success than the subject matter of this entry?

Oh, wait, pure serendipity wanted me to find another one

The Facebook page that Paul Zolezzi used to leave a suicide note via status update before hanging himself at Mount Prospect Park yesterday has been taken down. Zolezzi, who struggled with heroin addiction, had been leaving several cryptic statuses recently during his move back to New York, following an unhappy stay in Portland, OR. One read, “Paul is going to be the first person ever to hang himself on the way out of Portland! Everything here sucks!” After his final update the night before his death, a friend replied, “Are you dying? or just staying brooklyn? I hope it’s the latter.