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Actually, most tabloids are still on A-Rod, ony Newsday sees what’s going on

Note the Afghanistan escalation as well…

I still remember when 3PM used to be Randi Rhodes time in my home. The radio – set by the window so it can tune in the AM broadcast was blasting, so I could listen from the other end of the room, where I was at the computer…Good times, good times.

Whenever DNC took over and the Omania swept Air America, Randi was lost to the reason and sanity. I was already listening only sporadically.

I caught the show where Randi said Oprah was talking “black” when speaking in the south – got a lot of flack for that.

I caught her panic attack over Kerry endorsing Obama “now Edwards supporters will go to Hillary” – oh, horror!” – and that’s when I tuned out. I didn’t understand at the time how all her gushing over Bill Clinton had turned to freeper grade hatred, but by the time of the “F*ing whores” there was no doubt she lost it.

I wrote Air America in protest and was happy she was gone.

It appears she was broadcasting at the Nova station – where she got herself fired again

On Sunday, Nova received a letter from Mr. Gaulin asserting that the contract with Ms. Rhodes was terminated due to material breaches and other reasons.  Ms. Rhodes had not broadcast for over a week prior to this time, a situation which was diplomatically referred to as a “problem” that was solely within Nova’s control to solve.

Worse yet, Nova itself folded

Randi Rhodes’ on-air home for less than a year will shut its doors.  In an email message of February 17th from counsel for Nova M Radio, Inc. to Randi’s entertainment attorney, Robert V. Gaulin, the company is said to have been advised to file for bankruptcy protection next week.

And it seems the troubles were more complicated

A few days earlier, Sheldon Drobny, founder of Nova M, and a co-founder of Air America Radio, attempted suicide and is hospitalized in Chicago.

Chicago again. Associated to bad things.

Part of me is sad that a brilliant woman like Randi has lost her way so badly. But considering  the vile stuff she spouted…

Here’s Randi turned swiftboater in the general elections:

RHODES: Of course he (McCain) became very friendly with the Vietnamese. They called him the Prince. He was well treated actually. And he was well treated because he traded these propaganda interviews for good treatment.

So, no sadness. Political purpose does not excuse anything – I used to argue that Randi was not to be compared to Rush because she checked her facts. The joke is on me. on that one.

As for Nova folding – I guess propaganda ain’t all you kids expected it to be, huh? Not enough laughs to keep people coming for it.

So, this goes on my Schadenfreude list. Ironically, Randi knew of things happening to people persecuting the Clintons too.

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