Remember the Staten Island Groundhog who bit the Mayor?

He did become a hero to many,

VIVA CHUCK! On February 2, 2009 Staten Island Chuck gave corrupt plutocrat Mayor Bloomberg a well-deserved bite on the hand, making him a hero to all New Yorkers! Show your solidarity! Bite the hand that starves you! VIVA CHUCK!

launching his own T-shirt

His feelings were quite clearly expressed after that when the media descended on him

“He went rampaging across the stage in the zoo’s auditorium, knocking over a prop-size statue of a giraffe” and when he encountered a photo of Bloomberg, “Chuck rubbed his lips on the corner of the picture frame. He was not making nice β€” it looked as if he had bared his teeth.”

But politics, being what they are, humans are trying to make chuck recant and make nice, some zoo funding beingΒ  maybe at stake .

So, they are using Valentine’s day to stage an armistice

Tn the photo op, poor Chuck has to stand next to a box of chocolate meant for the mayor.

However, if you want to know Chuck’s real opinion of this circus, an astute commentator on the Gothamist spotted it in the photo. You can too, if you look at the background. where politicians usually display their messages. There are two little brown ones.

I mean, what’s a poor rodent to do, spell it?…