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Even before the media decided to call these past elections based on “identity politics” the hatred was there.

It all started with the “I hate Bush” elections – and I was on that bandwagon. Although, for me at least was more of a political than personal feeling.

The fact that the anti-Bush sentiment faded so early on, never to really come back is proof of who was really masterminding all of it. As Bill Schneider famously said: “Hillary is the anti-Bush candidate, Obama is the a-Bush” It was imperative that this election do not proceed as a discrediting  of Bush and the Republicans, and it didn’t. The sentiment was re-channeled

And then it all started as the “anti-Hillary” primary. I first heard Randi Rhodes on Air America talking about the “anti-Clinton vote” and lamenting its fracturing by Edwards, or by Kerry’s endorsement of Obama ahead of schedule (some tinfoil to unravel there).

The CDS from the 90′ from left and right was revived, sprinkled with more sexism and a 2008 ingredient:

“Ma, they are racist”

Applied generously and mostly wrongly – everything went: “He said Jesse Jackson!” “She said Johnson” it propelled the primaries from attacking candidates to attacking voters from entire states.

And for all the RBC fancy ruling, still the primaries didn’t produce a winner, but the DNC and the media resorted to  clinching as acceptable substitute for winning.

Once the primaries disposed off, the problem arose that McCain wasn’t all that odious. He was a good object of ridicule, but not of hatred

He successfully disposed of the “Ma, he’s calling me racist” tactics, and the Bush name was still not used by post-partisan Obama and where Hillary hatred once was – there was a big void.

And then McCain obliged by putting a woman on the ticket. She was a popular governor, blue collar and of course, a conservative. The response was almost instantaneous. It was Obama himself unable to restrain himself from demeaning her from the start. He started calling her a mayor”, a pig” and talked of her obsessively. By the time his handlers prevailed and made him stay out of this all the misogynists missing the Hillary Bone were redirected against yet another woman  outsider trying to break in the power circle.

Some of the feminists saw their way in the loyalty circle (and out of the PUMA identification) by jumping on the melee

So, the Bush hatred was quickly poured into Hillary Hatred, then into Palin Hatred.

A few more people and groups got targeted in the process – PUMA being one of them. It was this fantastic entry at the Confluence that made me reflect on all this history of hatred

They misrepresent our beliefs and launch personal attacks on us because they can’t find substantive areas of disagreement with us on the issues.  If, as Riverdaughter says, we’re “Democrats in exile” then Obama supporters are “Democrats in captivity.”  They hate us for our freedom, because nobody tell us what to do or think.

This – and all the other hatreds survived their political necessity time and are the core of the “Hope and Change” fervor.

Sorry to thing of hatred on Valentine’s Day, I’ll return to my delicious presents now.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Same concept, on a whole new level from Arthur Silber

the individual members of all other tribes are necessarily inferior to and less worthy than the members of one’s own tribe(s).

Not Your Sweetie

February 2009