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Here’s what you’d find out from glancing at the newsstands in NYC:

The Daily news is predictably swooning, throwing “historical” yet again (this word is already more over used than “compassionate” by W). Notice also he launching of the newspeak “recovery package”

NY Post is also predictable, by shoving the news into a corner, but accomplishes some nice context irony

NY Newsday is also characteristically the most informative

while AM-NY is trying a “Let them eat cake” approach

.Funny thing – only Daily News plastered Obama over the page one – and not with the word “stimulus” anywhere in sight. I wonder why. It will be interesting to revisit those in a few years from now.

Seems a few tricks were played on us to benefit Lieberman & gang

According to a half dozen Congressional aides and members, Reid went before the cameras Wednesday to announce a stimulus deal before Pelosi had agreed on all the details of school construction financing.

gee, the whole thing sounds like the Democratic convention roll call, only with Pelosi at the receiving end. oh, and us voters too. Again

Whatever the real story, Pelosi’s members were more than a little bewildered and headed into Wednesday’s night’s negotiation singing their Kumbayas through gritted teeth.

Glad Talk Left emembered the talk of “triangulation” and the double standard for Obama and Clinton

Imagine if Bill Clinton had capitulated like this to a Republican Congress in 1995? Or said “up yours” to the ACLU the way Obama did? Do you think the cries of “sellout”

But I was especially  taken with this comment

I keep thinking about this guy who was a contractor who does work on schools, and how Obama told him all about the school construction work we’re going to do with this stimulus.  He knew that the Senate was slashing it, but still he went on about the school improvements, not just paint, state of the art, etc.  Then he said something about getting that money back in the bill.  But today, clearly Pelosi was holding out for the school money and was told to let it go.  How much would you bet that Obama told her to pass it without the school money?

In retrospect, the SNL skit is even better than they thought when they wrote it

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