As the Clinton derangement syndrome is out again, that moment in history just popped back into my mind.

It was the end of the year 2000, with the election stolen fair and square as high level Republicans were chuckling amongst themselves.

I never quite figured out if W was extremely naive or amazingly cynical when he made the headline remark to a Norwegian diplomat.

“I won against peace and prosperity”

Disbelief? Clarity of goals?

In any case, the moment sums up perfectly the war that has been going on in the 90s – and is not quite over.

For those of you needing a more thorough history lesson, go to Riverdaughter’s post at the Confluence.

When she takes to school a CDS aflicted B0bot she explains it all

Essentially what happened was that a young, charismatic governor and his brilliant wife came upon DC like gangbusters and got their asses handed to them by the Villagers.Β  They had high-faloutin’ hopes for healthcare reform and equality for gay soldiers and open-minded Supreme Court justices and an administration that looked like America.Β  And they got trashed for that.

So, W (aka the Villagers) “won” against peace and prosperity….

And in 2008, they fought the war again, and “won” the same way.

And now, some of those winners are mighty sore.