It seems the moratorium on CDS is over. All it takes is that one first shot to be fired in the air, and they are back to the old habits.

After Sirota’s outburst, here comes the predictable Dick Morris who must have chaffed at the restriction.

I cannot even assess the veracity of any of the “facts” he mentions, because, duh, Dick Morris?

The Biden portion of his theory just got shaken though. How can one take over foreign policy while openly derided?

β€œYou know, I don’t remember exactly what Joe was referring to, not surprisingly.”

Not surprisingly??? So basically, to save himself, Barack Obama just made Vice President out to be a laughing stock.

But I did notice that Joshua Marshall follows the stampede with an “he might be a dick, but I like what he says”

There’ll be probably more of this. And after reading Sitota’s unraveling, I understand why.

With headlines like this one

Stocks Slide as New Bailout Disappoints

.they must be all wondering: “why did we ever push for this guy?”

And there can be only one answer:

Just so she wouldn’t get it!


Just as I predicted, the floodgates opened. Cannonfire informs us that Paglia is back at it as well.