I have never seen the verbal equivalent of a head exploding until reading David Sirota’s admonition “to Naderites and Clintonites”

Personally, I started laughing at the very notion of these two groups being put in the same box. The guilt is eating at David’s inards and he is being defensive “just”

because President Obama has made some tactical mistakes and ideologically odious moves – and because I’ve been critical of some of these – that it means I was abhorrently wrong for being generally supportive of his candidacy during the primary and the general election; that I need to apologetically throw myself on the mercy of the court; and that I need to beg for forgiveness.*

(somehow, John Lowitz imitating Harvey Firestein with the whinny “is it so wrooong?” came to mind).

He is OK with the idea that a real progressive can never be elected in US because his delusions of grandeur make him think that

though I’m trying to do my part every day to make that day possible

and then let his unabated Clinton hatred flow

Likewise, if you think Hillary Clinton would be a more progressive president, then you either weren’t born – or weren’t paying attention – over the last 17 years of the Clinton administration (which she played a major role in) and Hillary Clinton’s career in the senate.

Well, David, I was paying attention. Bill Clinton never put 40% tax cuts in his stimulus package – and never gave away essential pieces of legislation when he had the votes to pass it.

And while Hillary didn’t make  a speech against the war, she voted against FISA when your “best candidate” voted for it – and didn’t think Blackwater had a bad rap.

But Sirota lets the resentment flow, even borrowing the vocabulary of the cheating republicans in 2000

Among Clintonites, the “I Told You So” rants are just straight-up sore-loser-ism.

Why is it that all election thieves use the same language?

Unable to accept that a first-term senator defeated their candidate who had every single advantage, they cannot embrace the new president, even as that new president (wrongly, IMHO) appoints her to a top position in his administration.

I bet the W supporters said the same. What confuses me is this: if we are the sore losers, who is the happy winner?

because David, you don’t look like either.

In fact you are the poster boy for the devastating loss the progressive movement was dealt in 2008.

Here’s a sober assessment

The American left, he said, has crumbled. It sold out to a bankrupt Democratic Party, abandoned the working class and has no ability to organize. Unions are a spent force. The universities are mills for corporate employees. The press churns out info-entertainment or fatuous pundits. The left, he said, no longer has the capacity to be a counterweight to the corporate state. He said that if an extreme right gains momentum there will probably be very little organized resistance.

THAT would be the thing to apologize for, Sirota, not “telling the truth”. Selling out and being so blinded by pointless hatred, you let yourself manipulated by it.

So hear this, from my “rathole of bitterness”: I am the one telling the truth, and will not STFU.

Sometimes, raising objections in time is important – like say, the right to vote.

That fellow in the back would be you, David.


Update: for the short period my post will survive at the ironically named Open Left, I want to give  a shout to myiq2xu at the Confluence on this, as well as Cannonfire