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When Kim Gandy endorsed Obama just after a woman was named VP on the other sode, her attacks on the woman were so shrill, that even Steven Colbert had to notice

The Colbert Report: Sarah Palin is a Dude

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The National Organization for Women President Kim Gandy announces which candidate they’re endorsing, and to Stephen’s surprise, it’s not Sarah Palin.

If NOW is for women, and they’re not supporting Palin, it must mean she has junk downtown. Is Stephen the only one shocked that NOW isn’t supporting Palin?

What surprised me however in looking at that endorsement was the contention that they supported Hillary in the primary.

I have not noticed NOW at all in the primaries – and I looked…When the “cunts” and the “bitches” and the legs crossing were on the airwaves, I don’t remember a Kim Gandy

The first time I even heard of Gandy’s name was after the primaries

when PUMAs brought up the sexism, she finally spoke up:

“NOW’s president, Kim Gandy, said her members would remain alert: “We’re going to keep watching because we think Michelle Obama will be the recipient of the same kind of attacks that Hillary was.”


In the year when two women run for the highest office in this country, NOW distinguished itself in one way: being fodder for great jokes.

Take for instance


by myiq2xu at the Confluence:

change the name of the organization to “LATER” which stands for “Ladies After True Equal Rights.”  Just imagine the chants at tea parties:

What do we want?


When will we get them?


And for ll this work on behalf of…herself, Kim wants payback. She wants to be Director of
the Women’s Bureau in the Department of Labor.
(I guess she wasn’t all that successful with the creation of a cabinet level post for herself)
I have been saving this graphic wondering if I’ll ever have cause to post it – but for Gandy’s audacity in betraying all women and going for the reward, I am instituting the WOMEN ARE DICKS AWARD . Congratulations, Kim Gandy – you are the first recipient


Since this post is getting a lot of traffic – I don’t know where from, I want to say that since Terry O’Neill, I am a NOW member once again and have high hopes for its direction.

The offending graphic stays as it represents my feelings about women who jump on another woman – feminist or not – with sexist attacks, monkeying the men they are trying to ingratiate themselves to.

Seems like only yesterday he was Lincoln…now back to “states rights”

yet another Reagan fuzzy moment – this time at the Kennedy center provides us with this paragraph:..

While Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malia were treated like rock stars down below, it was Ronald Reagan being toasted up above by such GOP notables as Mr. and Mrs. Gingrich, George Allen, Ollie North, Bob Livingston, Al Regnery, Craig Shirley, David Bossie, Saul Anuzis, Jim Pinkerton and Fred Thompson.

and the title is cute too

Obama, Reagan ‘face off’ at Kennedy Center

And if anyone says that it’s a superficial association, just remember: 40% of the stimulus bill is tax cuts.

The screening of “Rendezvous,” which follows the arc of Reagan’s life from Dixon, Illinois, to the White House, took place on what would have been Reagan’s 98th birthday and Bossie, whose conservative organization Citizens United produced the film, called The Gipper America’s “original ‘Yes We Can!’ president.”

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