There was an impressive showing for John Ades memorial.

There were cameras, reporters and lots of people with peelers.

When they said they wanted to build a monument I had in mind the comment “even if I’d miss him, I’d see the little peels on the ground and knew he was there”

Turned out it was a bit mre intricate than that – and we did our turn

while elsewhere in the market, one week old lambs in red coats were beeing paraded…

more on this from the Gothamist including David Ades’


“My father always told me that my inheritance would be forty cartons of peelers, and it was. He left them all to me. I’m going to go home and practice on some potatoes, and then come out to his old spot on 17th and Union Square West and show all of you.

and a little poem in the comments that ses Joe’s catch phrases:

Says Joe
In memory of Joe Ades

Says Joe: “One for five. Five for twenty.”
O how we on foot miss you plenty!
Says Joe: “I know this is not an asparagus.”
O you so made us laugh and peel, Mr. Ades!
Says Joe: “Or slice it like a politician, under-handed.”
But I hope, Mr. Ades, Obama slices it left-handed.
Says Joe: “Julia Roberts on the cover and me in the middle.”
Why Mr. Ades, with your twinkling eye, you made us blush and giggle.
Says Joe: “This is not TV. This is live.”
True, true — and now no one to match your jive.
Says Joe: “You haven’t got any friends? Nor do I.”
O Joe, not so. Raising our carrots, we say bye.

and a video