After learning from Diane  Feinstein that 40% of the 900 billion “stimulus” is tax cuts it makes perfect sense to find out who this compromise was reached with:

The nature of the “compromise” agreement is best illustrated by considering the political physiognomy of the five senators who negotiated it. They include three Republicans—Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania—Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, the most conservative member of the Democratic caucus, and independent Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, an all-out supporter of the war in Iraq who was one of the most vitriolic supporters of defeated Republican presidential candidate John McCain in the 2008 elections.


Of course, programs for people were cut so the wealthy can enjoy their tax cuts. Mostly – education

education programs bore the brunt of the reductions, including $40 billion cut from a “stabilization” fund to aid state-administered K-12 schools, and $15 billion cut from a proposed expansion of special education and Head Start pre-kindergarten programs, as well as funds to implement testing mandated by the No Child Left Behind law.

Krugman stalking report update

Once again, no sooner I get it on economics, Krugman posts the same

Now the centrists have shaved off $86 billion in spending — much of it among the most effective and most needed parts of the plan. In particular, aid to state governments, which are in desperate straits, is both fast — because it prevents spending cuts rather than having to start up new projects — and effective, because it would in fact be spent; plus state and local governments are cutting back on essentials, so the social value of this spending would be high. But in the name of mighty centrism, $40 billion of that aid has been cut out.

heh, heh! Nice going!