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The tabloids had a field day with Obama’s damage control tour.

The Daily News cover has an intriguing context

While the Post does a mood piece

and adding one more from Newsday

and I should probably add Daschle in my schadenfreude list: remember his

Daschle: Anything but Clinton

Who will implement that for us now?

Also, whatever happened to those detailed questionnaires used in vetting?…

and as Donna Darko pointed out, the ultimate explanation of the  “I screwed up” palooza is at Cinie’s World

Whenever now-President Black Obama wants pity, sympathy and absolution, he calls himself a “bonehead” or a “screw-up.”  When he wants to divert attention from his “boneheaded screw-ups” he calls them “distractions.”  Both of these terms are signals to his defenders in the mainstream media and blogosphere to pick up the torch and light the way to forgiveness.  It’s been going on for at least two years, and so far, it works like a charm.


Cooper was made to withdraw his statement

“At no point did any member of President Obama’s staff encourage me to vote against the House economic recovery bill,” Cooper said Wednesday. “I told them I believed that the bill had too much long-term spending and didn’t meet the president’s goal of getting 75 percent of the money into the economy within 18 months.”

but somehow managed to reiterate it

Still, Cooper added: “After the conversation, I felt encouraged that the administration understood those concerns and shared my longstanding commitment to fiscal responsibility.”

As it was mentioned in the comments, the stimulus polls badly (37% approval) so, everyone runs for cover

Ironically, after we heard of the useless ditching of the family planning from the stimulus, word is out that Obama outright  encouraged Blue Dogs to go with the GOP

Mind you, I don’t shed tears for Nancy gift from God Pelosi, in fact there’s some measure of schadenfreude in this, but of course this looked bizarre

Cooper was one of 11 Dems to vote no — joining every GOP House member.

“Well, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I actually got some quiet encouragement from the Obama folks for what I’m doing,

to those who missed the “post partisan” real meaning.

Which only makes the musings from the Moderate Voice funnier:

Could political toe-stubbing on the part of President Barack Obama’s team seriously undermine his image as an agent of “change” and as a cool, competent operator just two weeks after Obama took the oath off office?

Well, the media giveth, and the media taketh away. The change was campaign rhetoric, the competence, media made teflon, so, if you want to take it, it’s gone – pouff! The article notes that MoDo herself is strutting some venom

It took Daschle’s resignation to shake the president out of his arrogant attitude that his charmed circle doesn’t have to abide by the lofty standards he lectured the rest of us about for two years.

So, wonders Moderate Voice

Can he govern as well as he campaigned?”

You mean, by cheating the counts and playing dirty? Yes, he can.

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