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2nd update

The second part of the day was cloudy – so I say: 3 weeks of winter?


Proving once again that facts mean little to him, Staten Island Chuck cheated again, failing to see his shadow in spite of the fact that there’s no cloud over the tri-state area. But this is a cheater I started to love because this time

The Staten Island Advance reports that the interaction between Chuck and the mayor was pretty amusing, “Though Mayor Michael Bloomberg tried luring Chuck out of his house with an ear of corn, Chuck snapped at the mayor’s hand, grabbed the tasty treat and ran back in. As Bloomberg reached for him, the groundhog tried hiding in the corner before eventually being lifted out.”


East Village Woody disappointed me. he went against the weather we are having, the forecast, and most unforgivably – ME!

he saw his shadow – predicting 6 more weeks of winter

In the 3 years we’ve been doing this, this is the first time I doubt Woody’s prediction. 2 years ago, he went against both Phil and Chuck predicting a long winter – and was right!

I’d try to discount Woody, but  the dog seems to agree

Here’s an inappropriate wish:

groundhg.gif picture by Robbedvoter

Sunshine is the last thing you want today – as it means 6 more weeks of winter. You want it cloudy – so the groundhog won’t see its shadow. Like East Village Woody did last year:

If Candelmas Day be bright and clear
There’ll be 2 winters in an year
if Candlemas day be cloudy with rain, winter is gone, and won’t come again

I predict there won’t be  shadow today. We’ll go out with Woody at 8 – and let everyone know by 9

Before that time, place your bets.

P.S. I always loved Groundhog day. That it also is the name/theme of the best movie ever doesn’t hurt either

Don’t drive angry!

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