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A few days ago NY Post announced that ted Kennedy will not let go of his niece not getting the senate

“Ted is furious. The family is furious. The Kennedys are now against the governor.”

Sure enough, the tabloids are broadcasting his tantrum. AM NY today’s cover

and yesterday’s NY Post

continue to beat a dead horse

NY Times , is attacking not-Caroline to complete the fury.

Media sure doesn’t like not getting their way any more than spoiled Kennedys do.

Could the Kennedy’s take their toys and go home now, please? The part of th story where they had a cameo is over. Someone get the hook already.

Remember the Purple Tunnel of Doom?

They may have missed the inauguration, but hey, they can collect

lots of apologies these days

After Diane Feinstein, now comes

Senate Sergeant at Arms Terry Gainer is the latest official to weigh in, posting a lengthy mea culpa Tuesday on the “Survivors of the Purple Tunnel of Doom” Facebook page. Gainer also took part in an online chat session with group members.

Wow! A Facebook chat! He had to join Facebook! What else do you want? Blood?

The apology was incredibly personal. In fact, he said that he joined Facebook on Monday to better communicate with the Purple Tunnel crowd. He wrote that “my experience is that initial information is often inaccurate, or incomplete, and even insensitive because of the lack of context.”

Well, you see? and besides, there is also

An investigation has begun, Gainer said, noting that it is being undertaken by senior staff not directly involved in planning the day. The review should be completed within 60 days.

So there. Oh, let’s see the apology:

Gainer wrote: “On behalf of the entire 2009 Inaugural Team, I apologize to each one of you who did not get onto the Capitol grounds, to those stuck in the tunnel, to those who had negative interactions with police officers, and those who experienced all three terrible situations. In addition, I regret the inability of the myriad of officials involved in the planning or the execution to respond to the chaos which unfolded.”

The Sergeant at Arms continued to apologize, saying that initially he “failed to better understand the anger, humiliation, frustration and sense of helplessness that was felt and experienced by so many.”

And how do we know everyone is now happy? On Facebook,

The moderator noted that no emails had to be deleted due to nasty content.

There, there. All better.

For all Ted Kennedy’s revenge campaign against Paterson for picking not-Caroline for senator, the voters don’t exactly buy it

Blame Caroline Kennedy.

That’s what a vast majority of state voters told the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute during a recent survey on the controversy surrounding her abruptly aborted candidacy for New York’s vacant seat in the Senate.

Forty-nine percent of those polled felt she and her aides were to blame, while 15 percent pointed the finger at Gov. David Paterson and his team. Twelve percent of voters surveyed felt both camps mishandled the situation.

So much for “Brave Caroline”

As for “nobody likes Gillibrand” – wrong again:

New York State voters polled in the survey approved of Paterson’s selection of Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand by a margin of 46 percent to 30 percent. Twenty-four percent were undecided.


Not that the NY Post isn’t trying hard to slime the governor daily

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Wall Street Journal seems to think so

President Obama previously criticized the Bush executive-privilege claims. But presidents have a history of guarding the principle of executive privilege, even when it is claimed by a predecessor of a different political stripe. President Bush angered Republicans early in his term by using privilege to block several congressional inquiries into decisions by the administration of President Bill Clinton.

Oh, I don’t know about W ending the bogus investigations. rather I remember him creating new “scandals”: Airforce1gate” “Office supplies gate” “Presents gate” “pardongate”

I do remember Bill Clinton ending some investigations into Poppy Bush though. So, WSJ is hopeful.

Good for Conyers!

“Change has come to Washington, and I hope Karl Rove is ready for it,” Mr. Conyers said. “After two years of stonewalling, it’s time for him to talk.”

And funny about executive privilege

Robert Luskin, Mr. Rove’s attorney, said Mr. Rove recently received a renewed privilege assertion from President Bush, before the president left office. Mr. Luskin said he would consult with Mr. Obama’s White House counsel to determine the Obama administration’s stance.

There is some dispute in legal circles over whether a president’s executive privilege claim continues to be in force after he leaves office if his successor doesn’t enforce it.

“At the end of the day Rove will do what he is told,” Mr. Luskin said.

Me, I can’t wait to see the ‘challenge”

presenting a challenge to President Barack Obama, who will have to decide whether to defend his predecessor’s legal arguments.


A good comment on Huffpo on this:

odds are Obama didn’t need to strip out the money in order to get the bill passed. However, it has been indicated that Obama wants to do more than barely pass the bill, he wants to pass it with substantial Republican support. Which means, in effect, that having “bipartisan” support is more important to Obama than funding family planning.


Today we have learned something about the administration’s priorities. And appeasing Republicans ranks appears to be a higher priority than family planning.

When the voting for the Lilly leadbetter Act came about, Harry Reid decided to let the GOP propose amendments for bipartisanship sake – after all, it was just women.

Now in negotiating the stimulus in the House – what gets conceded to the GOP? Contraceptives pay, of course

WASHINGTON – Democratic officials say House leaders are seriously considering deleting family planning funds for the low-income from an economic stimulus bill headed for a vote later in the week

I am not a Pelosi fan, but in all fairness, she did fight for this provision. But now, the Ms magazine feminist demanded

These Democrats say the Obama administration made the request for the change. Republicans have been critical of the provision, which is included in the $825 billion bill.

So, poor women – out of luck.


From the more detailed source

Several Democrats said Monday night that Obama had spoken personally with Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., about removing the provision. Waxman is chairman of the committee with jurisdiction over Medicaid and a close ally of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

That being the “bipartisan” attempt to compromise with a GOP which

Whether it also succeeds in gaining votes is unclear, particularly in the House, where the GOP leadership has advanced an alternative that consists almost exclusively of tax cuts.

And why not? The poker game is over, the ace in the hole can be dumped now

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