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I am having fun on the sidelines PopcornDrink as a neutral observer – OK, I guess Obama would be right – if there were not for the all  hypocrisy , considering who financed him and his 170 million inauguration. I just thought this was fun.

Ny Post as usual, is Obama’s bullhorn

while little free newspaper Metro dares to give the Wall Street side of things

and this is the article and the anonymous quotes:

“What I want to see is every congressman and every senator take a pay cut,” said Keith, a 39-year-old trader from Hoboken, who declined to give his last name.

Funny, he didn’t dare say “POTUS”

Someone else considered stockbrokers “the working man”

“[Obama] has to sit down and understand the compensation structure of low- to middle-management Wall Street. … A bonus is 20 to 50 percent of a person’s annual salary,” she said. “If you want to stimulate the economy, you can’t take the legs out of the working man.”

Again, it’s a stretch. But then I remember that bit of recent history

180,000 power brokers that have funded nearly 60% of his campaign. In all the Obama campaign has accepted more than $25 million in contributions from the “disclosed” employees of financial services, insurance, and real estate firms,

by a candidate who rejected public financing
.So, maybe those little stockbtokers weren’t all that wrong. Maybe they get shamed while the big boys – the ones who own the banks et all, get the bailouts anyway.
More thoughts on this circus from Riverdaughter

Well, that’s telling them. They will get a sternly worded letter saying, “Don’t do it again or Congress will have to regulate you.”  I’ll bet that put the fear of Gawd into them.  The bankers are going to have to court some more Blue Dog Democrats to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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