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I could not improve on the title of this Denver Post editorial who makes a convincing case for consistency and democracy

Some of you must still believe that politicians are meant to serve rather than be worshiped. And there must be someone out there who considers partisanship a healthy, organic reflection of our differences rather than something to be surrendered in the name of so- called unity — which is, after all, untenable, subjective and utterly counterproductive.

How about those who praised dissent for the past eight years?

I am answering “yes” on all counts. I praised dissent for the past 8 years and still think it’s patriotic.

I think partisanship is a healthy reflections of our differences – or rather – it should be. What went on during the past elections convinced me that politics blur differences – and not in a good way.

But most importantly, I agree with

Some of you must still believe that politicians are meant to serve rather than be worshiped.

It seems quite basic stuff, but it needs repeating in these times. Particularly in light of such tributes as the Hollywood produced “I pledge”

in which

Anthony Kiedis (thanks to teen daughter for identifying him) kissing his biceps (which he seems to have named Barack and Obama)

and luminaries such as Demi Moore pledge – amongst other things

“I pledge to be a servant to our president…”

Nope. It is the other way around. It was Obama who pledged – twice – to be a servant of the people.

I know it wasn’t obvious with the rhetoric coming from the White House and its media for the past 9 years that this was about public service rather than being a ruler. But this is what it is. Public service. And we are the employers, not the servants.

DeadHorse2.gif picture by Robbedvoter DeadHorse2.gif picture by Robbedvoter DeadHorse2.gif picture by Robbedvoter

A few days ago NY Post announced that ted Kennedy will not let go of his niece not getting the senate

“Ted is furious. The family is furious. The Kennedys are now against the governor.”

Sure enough, the tabloids are broadcasting his tantrum. AM NY today’s cover

and yesterday’s NY Post

continue to beat a dead horse

NY Times , is attacking not-Caroline to complete the fury.

Media sure doesn’t like not getting their way any more than spoiled Kennedys do.

Could the Kennedy’s take their toys and go home now, please? The part of th story where they had a cameo is over. Someone get the hook already.

Remember the Purple Tunnel of Doom?

They may have missed the inauguration, but hey, they can collect

lots of apologies these days

After Diane Feinstein, now comes

Senate Sergeant at Arms Terry Gainer is the latest official to weigh in, posting a lengthy mea culpa Tuesday on the “Survivors of the Purple Tunnel of Doom” Facebook page. Gainer also took part in an online chat session with group members.

Wow! A Facebook chat! He had to join Facebook! What else do you want? Blood?

The apology was incredibly personal. In fact, he said that he joined Facebook on Monday to better communicate with the Purple Tunnel crowd. He wrote that “my experience is that initial information is often inaccurate, or incomplete, and even insensitive because of the lack of context.”

Well, you see? and besides, there is also

An investigation has begun, Gainer said, noting that it is being undertaken by senior staff not directly involved in planning the day. The review should be completed within 60 days.

So there. Oh, let’s see the apology:

Gainer wrote: “On behalf of the entire 2009 Inaugural Team, I apologize to each one of you who did not get onto the Capitol grounds, to those stuck in the tunnel, to those who had negative interactions with police officers, and those who experienced all three terrible situations. In addition, I regret the inability of the myriad of officials involved in the planning or the execution to respond to the chaos which unfolded.”

The Sergeant at Arms continued to apologize, saying that initially he “failed to better understand the anger, humiliation, frustration and sense of helplessness that was felt and experienced by so many.”

And how do we know everyone is now happy? On Facebook,

The moderator noted that no emails had to be deleted due to nasty content.

There, there. All better.

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