A good comment on Huffpo on this:

odds are Obama didn’t need to strip out the money in order to get the bill passed. However, it has been indicated that Obama wants to do more than barely pass the bill, he wants to pass it with substantial Republican support. Which means, in effect, that having “bipartisan” support is more important to Obama than funding family planning.


Today we have learned something about the administration’s priorities. And appeasing Republicans ranks appears to be a higher priority than family planning.

When the voting for the Lilly leadbetter Act came about, Harry Reid decided to let the GOP propose amendments for bipartisanship sake – after all, it was just women.

Now in negotiating the stimulus in the House – what gets conceded to the GOP? Contraceptives pay, of course

WASHINGTON – Democratic officials say House leaders are seriously considering deleting family planning funds for the low-income from an economic stimulus bill headed for a vote later in the week

I am not a Pelosi fan, but in all fairness, she did fight for this provision. But now, the Ms magazine feminist demanded

These Democrats say the Obama administration made the request for the change. Republicans have been critical of the provision, which is included in the $825 billion bill.

So, poor women – out of luck.


From the more detailed source

Several Democrats said Monday night that Obama had spoken personally with Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., about removing the provision. Waxman is chairman of the committee with jurisdiction over Medicaid and a close ally of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

That being the “bipartisan” attempt to compromise with a GOP which

Whether it also succeeds in gaining votes is unclear, particularly in the House, where the GOP leadership has advanced an alternative that consists almost exclusively of tax cuts.

And why not? The poker game is over, the ace in the hole can be dumped now