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Here’s what I saw this morning on the news stands:

AM NY – a free paper as often catches the relevant:

Hillary’s confirmation only appears on an Albany paper and another one in Syracuse


New York Newsday captures the Caroline mess

while NY Post has the fuller picture

(it seems Obama had a gagle of reporters photographing him “working” – a lot of tabloids have that photo)…

In full self-congratulatory mode, the media covered this inaugural 35 times more than the last

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – President Barack Obama‘s inauguration generated an unprecedented 35,000 stories in the world’s major newspapers, television and radio broadcasts over the past day — about 35 times more than the last presidential swearing-in — a monitoring group said on Wednesday.

And how did the teevee watchers react to all the hoopla? Well, in prime time that night,the

biggest story of the century so far.”

according to Reuters came in  after American Idol . MediaWeek

Led by American Idol, Fox got over the “hump” in winning fashion, with 5.72 million more viewers the second most-watched network, ABC. American Idol, of course, stood well above anything else on the evening, with 22.42 million viewers and an 8.9 rating/22 share among adults 18-49 from 8-9 p.m.
ABC was on the map care of two-hour special Neighborhood Ball: An Inauguration Celebration, which averaged a healthy 12.58 million viewers (#2) and a 3.7/ 9 among adults 18-49 (#3) from 8-10 p.m.

I guess for the TV watchers it was the second biggest story of the century

As a bonus, Politico has a list of 10 Democrats Obama should watch out for

Some are there because they are really progressive – such as Barbara Lee or Henry Waxman – and therefore dangerous to Teh One.

Some, because their penchant for gaffes – such as Biden and…Michelle

She’s glamorous, she’s on message, she’s the nation’s favorite mom — and now she has nowhere to go but down. The press, which helped savage Michelle Obama for her “proud of my country” remark during the campaign, has since built her into a 21st century Jackie O. With the spotlight shining so brightly on her now, any misstep by the first lady — a slip of the tongue, a too-frank statement, any disagreement with the administration’s positions — could reflect harshly on her husband.

In other words, the media teases : “we made her, we can take her down”.

Yup. Unless they find another woman to deride.

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