Stray Yellar Dog has tagged me so  I now have to

if tagged we are asked to write six things about ourselves AND tag six other bloggers to do the same, as part of a way of supplying some diversion for those who will be sauntering the web with care over this weekend.

So here I go:

1.I call January 20 Homecoming Day because it’s the anniversary of my coming to America – the 28th this year

2.In 2004 my brain nearly exploded when the country I left to come to The Land of the Free had a recount and reversed the crooked election result as per the demand of the winning candidate who had been robbed

3.As a result I sometimes wonder if I am not some sort of political jinx, carrying authoritarianism everywhere I go

4. I have recently adopted a rescue dog, a yorkie-poo named Boongo that makes everything that could upset me seem unimportant

5. My daughter (10) has became a wonderful activist. Right now she is conducting a crusade to have Petland ban chicken jerky from China that made our dog very sick (we asked and they refuse). She wrote letters and will write an article in the school newspaper

6.Blogging is the first conscious thought in my mind when I wake up – which is why I wake up at crazy hours

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