28 years ago, a flight from a megalomaniac dictator was coming to a happy conclusion: I was on a plane bound for the Land of the Free – getting away from all that.

To make the moment more poignant, the TWA pilot told us that they were in touch with the TWA transporting the hostages flight to freedom – we were the fist to know it was done – and everyone applauded (The plane was filled with immigrants most of them from Vietnam, plus the 2 of us)

ItΒ  would take me many years to find out that the hostages were freed that day as an ugly ploy to sway an election. My euphoria led to 20 years of blissful political ignorance and the only thought I remember having as the new guy was inaugurated was: “hey, they really seem to like this guy”

Fast forward 2o Homecoming Days later: I had been rudely awaken from my apolitical bliss after watching the stealing of an election on TV. I was upset enough to lose sleep and apetite over it and this day I was on a bus heading for DC to make my point that I will not accept stolen elections or consider their result legitimate.

It was pouring rain for most of the day – and hundreds of thousands of people like me descended on DC to make the same point. On the bus home I realized I was suddenly energized and hopeful too. After all, people knew and were going to resist. I was in good company and was not going to be isolated anymore.

Fast forward 8 years later. 4 AM a few drunks are shouting slogans under my window “Are you ready?” and some I couldn’t understand – they were slurring too much. It went on for some time. A woman’s voice was heard: “Shut the f* up and go home!” They didn’t – kept screaming and kicking steel doors and garbage cans. “If you a*holes are not going to be quiet, I am going to call the police” went on the same blessed woman’s voice. It was a while until the cop removed the drunks.

So, it was quiet for a while. But now a boom box is blaring “Obama Obama Obama. Besides that, all I know is from posts like this one

Happy 28th Homecoming DayΒ  for me!