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Many Deanies turned B0bots rationalized Scadenfreude part one as some media made faux event, so it pleases me to find part deux, the one where he is no longer in Samoa but back in Vermont and telling the press:

“Obviously, it would have been great,” Dean said in a telephone interview from his home in Burlington, Vt. “But it’s not happening and the president has the right to name his own Cabinet, so I’m not going to work in the government it looks like.”

The illustration captures Riverdaughter’s comment on part one

I have a theory that Obama was a stealth candidate slipped in by moderate Republicans and funded by the superrich. They had been studying the left blogosphere for awhile and manufactured a candidate that would appeal directly to those peculiar idiosyncracies of the young and stupid.

I may chack Mudville later – although I am betting on no coverage.

The latest illusion, as per a comment on my blog:

what did they do? Switch Baracks when the power went out in Hawaii?

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