After starting his illegitimate presidency with an executive order directed against women, Bush symmetrically ends on a similar misogynistic note:

In one of his final actions in the White House, President Bush on Thursday declared Jan. 18 to be “National Sanctity of Human Life Day.”

Per Politico, good times were reminisced in the proclamation:

My administration has been committed to building a culture of life by vigorously promoting adoption and parental notification laws, opposing federal funding for abortions overseas, encouraging teen abstinence and funding crisis pregnancy programs,”

Oh, yeah, good times, good times!

Making Roe Obama’s “ace in the hole” to coral disappointed women.

Which makes me wonder: How will Obama, Rick Warren, Daschle and Tim Kaine celebrate Sanctity of Life Day? hey, I just realized – this gives new meaning to the phrase “Obama appoints pro-lifers left and right”

I read somewhere that W and Obama & comp are having a bash in Paraguay that day

How will you celebrate?
I might burst into song


And there’s a celebration old style

BELLEVUE — Federal investigators are looking into what caused a fire at a Bellevue abortion clinic that has for years been the target of anti-abortion protests.