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Why pretend anymore at this point?

Not much to add besides the direct quote

After two years of traveling around the country and criticizing President Bush, President-elect Barack Obama said Friday that he “always thought [Bush] was a good guy.”

“I mean, I think personally he is a good man who loves his family and loves his country,” Obama said in an exclusive interview with CNN’s John King.

As Bill Scheider signaled at the beginning of this election: Hillary is the anti-Bush, Obama is the un-Bush…

The only part that confuses me in this article is the one where allegedly Jr.jr “criticizd Bush”. I don’t quite remember that part.

But I do remember during the campaign when Bush backed him up against McCain on Iraqgate. Let’s just say this mutual admiration society didn’t just start today. After all, it was Bush pioneers who kicked in the first 100 million to an unknown Obama in 2007.

And just so it’s clear that I say mutual admiration society for a reason – this is W’s reaction to the election

U.S. President George Bush has expressed regret that Republican presidential nominee John McCain did not win the presidency but called the election of Barack Obama “good for our country.”

They retire the number of outstanding athletes that leave a team. Michelle Obama had the job she held eliminated! Was she that irreplaceable? Or not maybe it was as needed as Caroline’s job for  NYC

She hasn’t shown up for work very regularly over the last year or so, so when Michelle Obama’s $300,000 job was cut at the University of Chicago Hospitals, it may have been hard to notice the difference.

I suppose, now that Michelle’s Keep the poor out initiative has been implemented, the security guard can do her duties. because Michelle is taking her office buddy with her

President-elect Barack Obama announced this week that he plans to name Susan Sher to the post of associate counsel to the president, where she will work on legal issues associated with health care policy and provide legal advice to the first lady. It’s a position she won’t find unfamiliar: Sher is general counsel and a vice president at the University of Chicago Medical Center and has been a close friend and mentor to Michelle Obama for many years.

It will be fun in the White House, but bad news for the poor seeking medical care.

They also both worked on medical center initiatives that have become the focus of a Senate Republicans’ inquiry into whether the nonprofit hospital has been “culling the least profitable patients from its emergency room.”

After all, not all hospitals can hire security guards like Chicago Medical Center. Some can use legislation to help them doing that.

After starting his illegitimate presidency with an executive order directed against women, Bush symmetrically ends on a similar misogynistic note:

In one of his final actions in the White House, President Bush on Thursday declared Jan. 18 to be “National Sanctity of Human Life Day.”

Per Politico, good times were reminisced in the proclamation:

My administration has been committed to building a culture of life by vigorously promoting adoption and parental notification laws, opposing federal funding for abortions overseas, encouraging teen abstinence and funding crisis pregnancy programs,”

Oh, yeah, good times, good times!

Making Roe Obama’s “ace in the hole” to coral disappointed women.

Which makes me wonder: How will Obama, Rick Warren, Daschle and Tim Kaine celebrate Sanctity of Life Day? hey, I just realized – this gives new meaning to the phrase “Obama appoints pro-lifers left and right”

I read somewhere that W and Obama & comp are having a bash in Paraguay that day

How will you celebrate?
I might burst into song


And there’s a celebration old style

BELLEVUE — Federal investigators are looking into what caused a fire at a Bellevue abortion clinic that has for years been the target of anti-abortion protests.

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