It’s good to know there’s one person in the media I can still trust. OK, maybe two – as I know he was with Bill Moyers at the Y in NYC.

But as it was now the “non-republican” media to fawn over their pick, luminaries such as MoDo, Frank Rich and Andrew Sullivan were rewarded for their aily spew during the primaries according to Politico which, ironically names this bunch “liberal”. yes, even Andrew Sullivan.

“Liberal” meet “feminist”. The new “Compassionate”

Ironically,, just when the RW abandoned the “liberal media” insult, the propagandists started calling themselves that

And if anyone forgets – here’s a short laundry list (which can apply to last night crowd as well) as prepared by Vanity Fair

Let’s review what they’ve tried so far:

1. Fawning coverage of Obama (the candidate with a halo-like glow around him on the covers of Newsweek, Time, and Rolling Stone; Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews gushing so embarrassingly that they had to be removed from MSNBC’s anchor desk)

2. Digging dirt on Obama’s opponents (The Times’s innuendo-laced piece about McCain’s ties to lobbyist Vicki Iseman; the poorly fact-checked stories about Palin’s supposed book-banning and secessionist proclivities)

3. Tough but fair (per the elector media) investigations into McCain and Palin’s various lies, bad decisions, and questionable policies

Stuff that led to cartoons like this one exactly one year ago

.And just in case anyone forgot, these “liberals” serenaded Bush and covered all his crimes – war, torture, PATRIOT act.

More significantly, these “liberals” did their best to enable W steal two elections by offering him Obama-like coverage while savaging Gore and Kerry.

So, the exit question: what makes W’s fans into Obama fans?

Do W and Obama have anything more in comon than the same propagandists and donors?

More excellent points of this at the Confluence

These “secret” meetings with media from both sides of the political spectrum only further validate concerns that information being put forth through mainstream channels should continue to be viewed with a jaundiced eye. The media used to be the protectors of the truth.  Now, in my opinion, they are the purveyors of propoganda…with their integrity purchased by the highest bidder.