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Politico gets the Duh award for asking the right question at the wrong time – way to late and in the wrong context

In politics, does race trump gender?

After a whole year of BROS BEFORE HOS hurled at us in every which way in the presidential race – primaries and general, it’s the senate mess that gets the question

How come Roland Burris has had such an easy time getting to the U.S. Senate while Caroline Kennedy has had such a hard time?

Could it be that the race card trumps the gender card in U.S. politics?

First of all, define “hard” and “easy”. In Burris’s case it wasn’t the cries of race so much as Politico says

Once supporters of Roland Burris made his appointment to the Senate all about race, the deal was done, though it took a few days for Senate leaders to wake up to the fact.

Reid , who had opposed all the black candidates resisted Burris as long as he could – and in the end it was the old law that eventually prevailed.

As for Caroline – how hard is she having it? The brat who went against the favorite daughter of our state, who did her best to assure we don’t see a woman in the White House would have some chutzpa claiming sexism.

While I agree with many that a male Kennedy of similar lack of experience and ineptitude would get a better treatment by the media, the princess will start her political career at the top, elbowing more deserving candidates anyway.

So, while this is true

What about gender, however? Supporters of Hillary Clinton observed repeatedly during her presidential campaign that black men in America were legally given the vote before women were. Their point was that women were also an oppressed class and that the gender card was legitimate.

The gender card – legitimate? We’ve fallen that low? I think we need to take it up with LATER

Continues Politico

Sarah Palin recently complained that Caroline Kennedy was getting much easier treatment by the press than Palin had gotten, but in reality Kennedy has gotten a pretty vigorous going-over by reporters.

A better comparison for Palin to make would have been the patty-cake treatment Roland Burris has gotten from the press.

Roland Burris? Try Obama.


For some reason there is consternation about this news

he is breaking bread with William Kristol and David Brooks.  (If Brooks and Kristol seem to be unusually briefed about Obama’s thinking, you’ll know why.)

CBS News’s Dan Raviv tells the pool that the house, on Grafton Street in Chevy Chase, belongs to George Will. (Unless he’s moved.)

Huffpo even calls this a “charm offensive” reminding us of W’s blundering trips in Europe.

But I saw this done locally. In 2001, after Al Sharpton helped Michael Bloomberg (GOP) beat the Dem candidate by asking blacks to not vote, he had a publicized breakfast at City Hall the first day Bloomberg took office.

And who are those “conservatives”? The very people that attacked Sarah Palin as “anti-intellectual” (but never Bush), and of course attacked Hillary through the primaries.

So, it seems Obama is merely dancing (and dining) with those who brung him

Ambinder continues

Tomorrow, I hear Obama has another private meeting with non-Republican opinion columnists.

yeah, cuz it was hard to fit together at one table all the gaggle that propagandized him. But the choice of words is interesting. We have the Republicans and non-republicans in the media, apparently. Some words are becoming just too embarrassing to utter – in these strange times.

maybe it’s a good thing to let democrat stand for the good ol days when the right to vote and other principles meant something. Non-republican it is then.

The illustration I found has obviously ironical value. It was a cartoon by someone who finds the “center” sexy and made at the time Obama was ‘repositioning” and shedding all the things he was supported for by his base at the cost of better candidates. It’s ironic in light of today’s revelation that – let’s face it, it was the media – Republican and n0n who brung him. That and a billion dollars from – mostly-  undisclosed souces.

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